Arts Innovative Technology Hub

Where technology meets the arts. We are shaping our community in a new and creative way, in this unique space.

  • A destination to experience cutting edge technology in the arts
  • An animated, creative collaboration space for the arts
  • A space that is focused on sharing knowledge and developing new education models
  • A space for developing environmental and sustainable practices for the Arts
  • A mix of non-profit and for-profit social enterprises
  • A place of opportunity and imagination
  • A place to disrupt concepts such as ‘the fourth wall’ in Theatre, a home for research, experimental fusion in virtual time and space

Expression of interest

At the Alex Theatre in St Kilda we understand that the best ideas are formed through collaboration. Our hub will be a place where ideas come to fruition in a virtual or physical sense.

We anticipate that the Hub will grow and expand to include:

  • Creative technologists,
  • Technology companies looking for new ideas or wanting to test an idea within content-driven fields; i.e. systems that interface and have an emotive impact on humans
  • Thought-leaders
  • Entrepreneurs with ideas
  • Artists who want to explore new realms in their chosen fields through advanced technology
  • Resident Theatre Company
  • Other interested parties

Additionally, we are seeking ongoing calls for ideas as there will be no closing date for these Expressions of Interest.

If you are interested in being part of this network please contact our General Manager Allan Rendell via email on