Virtual Venues.

New ways to reach customers

The Alex Theatre St Kilda has created Virtual Venues to transfer your event online. Our focus ranges
from small meetings, through to virtual concerts broadcast to thousands of people. We can give you
the support, knowledge, and technology to stage a fantastic virtual event.

If you are isolated and have a message or performance to share, we are here to help you.

We have virtual venue packages to suit all budgets. Through A.R.T Performances our charitable arm,
we will also assist Not-for-Profit groups to connect with other creatives during COVID-19.

Services Include:

  • Virtual Event Management
  • Virtual Venue Staging (The Set)
  • Platform management
  • Data analytics
  • Delivery logistics
  • Assistance with Content
  • Registration Services
  • Recording and casting services

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What is a virtual event?

We can build your event so that an audience is involved remotely and engages online only or where an audience is in-house, and the event contains elements of live streaming and video linking. Performers and hosts can interact from remote locations, live studios, or performance venues.

Taking your event online will increase your potential to reach a wider audience and set up valuable feedback channels to further develop your product.

Taking your audience and where possible the staging of your event online means valuable time is not spent on the particulars of staging an event, for example, searching for ‘the right’ venue, this can be custom designed to your specifications. There is the added ability to build your creative network and the opportunity to record your event. This creates valuable content to help drive online traffic to your website or social feeds further developing your brands relationship to your audience.

What can be a virtual event?

Almost any activity can be taken online. If you have a suitable budget, our partners at XR can create
a virtual stage perfect for your event.

Types of actives we are working on currently in our group.

  • Education
  • Interviews
  • News Rooms
  • PodCast
  • Meetup groups
  • Live performances
  • Expo’s
  • XR – Extended Reality Technologies

Create new revenue opportunities

We look forward to discussing areas that could increase your impact and income to you from your event. This includes the more traditional model of selling to your audience, product placement, or additional services you can promote and the management of the data flow through your event.