Independent theatre company Citizen Theatre are inviting Melbournians to experience their theatre show Nude – in the nude. For one night only, on Wednesday 19th August, the audience can cloak their clothing and share in the songs and stories of the infamous film star, Marilyn Monroe.
Writer and director Jayde Kirchert said following the success of nude audience events at the National Gallery of Australia, it is only fitting to give audiences the opportunity to get naked for Nude.
“It would be difficult not to include some nudity in a show celebrating Marilyn Monroe,” Ms Kirchert said. “Marilyn preferred to be naked, sometimes even giving interviews in the nude. When asked what she wore to bed, the Hollywood actress famously replied, ‘Why, Chanel No. 5 of course’. We’re taking that a step further by having one night where the audience can experience the freedom of being allowed to watch a show in public, in nothing but their birthday suit.”
Ms Kirchert said the one-­woman show, starring Carina Waye, also caters towards Monroe fans who prefer to keep their kit on.
“Audiences who prefer not to bare all can keep their clothes on for the remaining shows, starting Thursday 13th August,” Ms Kirchert said. “The show uses nudity in a non-­sexual way to try and understand what happens when a female body becomes famous. It also explores the audience’s role in creating celebrity figures.
“The show also features live performances of well known songs from Marilyn Monroe’s repertoire , including ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’, ‘Bye Bye Baby’ and ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’.”
Nude -­ beneath the beauty spot will be playing at The Alex Theatre in St Kilda from 13 to 23 August 2015 .
Get Naked for Nude will take place only on Wednesday 19th August, from 7.30pm.
Auslan performance on Saturday 22nd Aug, 2pm & companion cards accepted.
Tickets range from $25 -­$35 and are available through Ticketek.
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