The Underarm, is the story of two brothers ripped apart by the most infamous act in trans-Tasman sport. When the Aussies committed what Rob Muldoon later described as ‘An act of cowardice appropriate to a team that wears a yellow uniform’, The MCG ignited: Kiwis v Aussies, Aussies v Aussies, and Colin and Dons’ drunk parents violently versus each other. Kiwi Mum drags Colin, screaming, off to live in Wellington, NZ. Don marinates with Dad at home in Brisbane.
As adults, Don and Colin are reunited at the Basin Reserve in Wellington, and put on trial the very man responsible for their separation – the Australian cricket captain in 1981, Greg Chappell.
Currently touring across Australia, this show is bound to entertain everyone.Here’s what people are saying about this great play

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