SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS: A Deep Dive into the Postmodernist Epidemic

Dr. Stephen Hicks presents a strategic workshop as he navigates the cultural landscape of current-day political correctness.

Join world-renowned philosopher Dr. Stephen Hicks for a strategic workshop in an intimate venue as he navigates the mysterious cultural landscape of current-day political correctness and postmodernism: how it’s affecting our present and halting our drive for progress. Discover strategies to combat their agendas and advance civilisation.

Event Schedule: Strategic workshop lead by Dr. Stephen Hicks

  • 9:15 am – 5:00 pm
  • 9:15 am: Stepping out from the herd

Postmodernism would have us believe that we are simply part of the pack – lacking in the capacity to shape our own thoughts, values, and actions. What implications does this belief pose and how can we respond to the rejection of individual identity? Q&A

Short break

Grappling for the truth

Humans have a powerful mind for grasping complex realities, but the mind has limitations. Postmodernism uses these limitations to crumble the notion of truth, and replaces it with blanket subjectivity, where no one opinion is more valid than any other. How can we move forward with guidance, when faced with this meaningless standstill? Q&A

Lunch (eateries near venue)

Striving for greatness

A meaningful life depends on the the capacity for individuals and society as a whole to strive and achieve success. Postmodernism denies that responsibility, by feeding the notion of a ceaseless oppression that will forever impede achievement. How does making achievement impossibly out-of-reach affect our future and what can we do about it? Q&A
Short break

Longing for freedom

Productive education seeks to cultivate the independent thoughts, creativity, tolerance, and respect for achievement that makes progress possible. Postmodernism penetrates universities and stifles this freedom and progress by enforcing rigid frameworks. What consequences does this create for society and how do we respond to this institutional challenge? Q&A
5:00 pm Book signing

Please be advised that seating will not be allocated on the day of event.